Welcome to Jeff Ballard Online! I am a Military Historian with a special interest in U.S. Naval Operations in the Pacific during World War II.

Feel free to explore my site and please contact me if you see something you would like to discuss. Although the focus of my research is naval history, I enjoy discussing military history in general.

WWII Allied Naval
Operations in the Pacific

military historian

Let’s discuss the campaigns which began the long, hard fought
road to Tokyo.

Despite the Navy’s victory at Midway in June 1942, the issue in the So. Pacific was
still very much in doubt.

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Chief Gunners Mate
Art Mercer, USN

Doolittle Raid, Guadalcanal, Cape Esperance, Salerno, ‘Marianas Turkey Shoot,’ and Inchon


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Naval Art Gallery
by Wayne Scarpaci

View selected paintings by the artist

USS Texas (BB-35)
Brooklyn Bridge 1942

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